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FRANK CHO CHECKLIST v 1.6b 6/25/07

Early 90's

Frank did a comic strip in High School called "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" which was published in his high school paper, and another strip by the same title was done in Prince George's Community College's newspaper. Talk about rare!!!! The PGCC strips have the first appearances of Dean (then called "Ragamuffin"), Ralph the hospital gerbil and Leslie the Laughing Lima Bean.


Strips run in the Diamondback, the University of Maryland Newspaper



Strips run in the Diamondback, the University of Maryland Newspaper

WIZARD 48 August 1995
Fan boy envolope drawing from Frank Cho on page 16


2 The Angry Years Insight Studios TPB 1996
Collection of Diamondback strips 1st, 2nd, & 3rd printings

the generics' Album Cover

The cover art for the U. of Maryland generics' 1996 album "the g spot"

Leather and Lace TPB Vol. 1 1996

pg. 4, 1 Pinup SQP Inc. (Out of Print)

Burroughs Bulletin (new series) #28, Fall 1996
p.40 Liberty Meadows daily strip & Sunday title panel featuring "Schecky the Jungle King"

Chicago Comicon Anthology #1 (1996)
One page of University2, with two strips and a rare Brandy drawing

Overstreet's Fan #17 (November 1996)
One page interview with the Brandy & Frank drawing from back of U2 TPB (first print) and a Tarzan drawing

Edge fanzine. December 1996

Frank's cover art , short interview to Frank and some University² reproduced art "


Liberty Meadows
Begins syndication in Newspapers on March 30th, 1997

SPX Comic 1997 Small Press Expo
Censored Liberty Meadows strips. It also sports a Frank Cho cover with his take on Chuck Heston as both Moses and "bright eyes" from Planet of the Apes.

Wizard #65 Jan. '97
Cho writes a article about spx '97

Burroughs Bulletin (new series) #29, Winter 1997
p.17 (2 "Bride of theBeast Man" illos.) & full-color back cover by Frank.

Cartoonist PROfiles #113, March 1997
"Launching Liberty Meadows: A New Strip by Frank Cho" by R.C. Harvey, pp.44-55

This article is a very good preview for the strip describing how it got started. It has many reproductions from University2, Liberty Meadows, and two otherwise unpublished illustrations -- one of the Liberty Meadows crew, and the other from the aborted Tarzan vs. King Kong mini-series which was proposed to Dark Horse Comics by Frank Cho (artist) and Allan Gross (writer). Dark Horse declined to go ahead with the proposal.

UNIVERSITY2 Ashcan Comic 1997
given away at cons with three unpublished strips

Cavewoman RAIN #7,Caliber Press 1997
Liberty Meadows strips reprinted

Wizard #70 June 1997
Liberty Meadows is reviewed in Palmer's Picks. Includes a couple strips, the cover to the book collection. Also, Frank Cho's favorite comic books.

Comics Journal #199 October 1997
Cliff diving drawing by Frank Cho. Also, some comments by Frank from a Barnes and Noble book signing.

Larsons Gale Verden (Norway)
Carried University2 (known as "University") from 1997 #3 to 1997 #12 (ten issues) more or less the complete run as in the first tradeback collection. Note on
the cover scan "NY Serie: University." The interior images have the strip introduced to the readers -- all the strips are done in colour.

Tommy Og Tigern (Calvin & Hobbes) Norway
carries Liberty Meadows (known as "Reservatet") in 1997 #12

ERBapa #55, Fall 1997
-Dennis Wilcutt reproduces three pages of artwork which were art samples for Frank Cho's Tarzan/Skull Island submission to Dark Horse Comics. The submission was rejected, and Frank Cho was not offered work at Dark Horse, but Allan Gross, the writer for the sample managed to get work at Dark Horse because of the samples!

Wizard #68 April 1997
Page 8 A letter in "Magic Words" from a comic shop owner asking about the reprinting of University2, with a response from Frank.


Liberty Meadows press book
A Liberty Meadows press book for presentation to potential newspapers who might carry the strip was produced with a full color cover depicting Brandy. The wording on the cover reads: "presented by Creators Syndicate Inc. Liberty Meadows Highlights 1997 by Frank Cho Welcome to Liberty Meadows animal sanctuary" The b & w back cover depicts Oscar & Truman

UNIVERSITY2 -Cheesecake and Critters portfolio, Insight Studios
Mature Pinups of Brandy & critters S&N limited edition

Comics Journal #205, Fantagraphics June 1998
"Fighting the Cycles: The Frank Cho Interview"pp. 99-104
"Comicopia: Young or Old What's the Difference?" by RC Harvey
pp.105-109 (Cho focus on pages 107-108)

SPX Comic 1998 Small Press Expo
A 10 page CAVEWOMAN story for the Small Press Expo Comic book.

Titanic Tales pulp trade paperback, Insight Studios July 1998
The novel "Bride of the Beast Man" illustrated by Frank and written by Al Gross is included

Dum Dum Convention Program 1998
Jane Cover Painting

Cavewoman Jungle Tales Mature Basement Comics 1998
Frank did an Alternate Cavewman Cover

Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip by Robert C. Harvey, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, 1998
Frank Cho's work is examined by RC Harvey on pages 128-129, with reproductions from the original art of two Liberty Meadows strips (the Feb.28/98 daily & the Aug.10/97 Sunday) on page 133.

National Capital Panthans Journal #23 Cover Sept 13th 1998

National Capital Panthans Journal Highlights Volume 1 -- August 1998
p.6 Tarzan Dancing the Dum-Dum with Apes
p.9 reproduces Cho painted cover of Tarzan in the trees from the cover to Journal #12 (Oct 12/97)
p.10 reproduces La about to plunge a dagger into her sacrifice in front of flaming brazier from the cover to Journal #14 (Dec/97) & Tarzan holding knife over slain lion from the cover to Journal #16 (Feb/98)
p.11 reproduces fold out cover to Journal #19 May 1998 of Jane cradles in apes arms from "Bride of the Beast Man"
p.12 reproduces the cover to Journal #21 with Tarzan about to plunge his knife into an ape
p.49 Tarzan struggling with Ape
p.55 Tarzan dancing the Dum-Dum with Apes
p.75 "Bride of the Beast Man" illo. has human hitting a monkey man
p.100 Has Kong fighting a pteradactyl
p.117 Has an earlier crude rendition of Tarzan about to plunge dagger into an Ape dtaed 1997
p. 125 Has Tarzan grieving over the dead body of his Ape-mother
p.136 Has the La confronted with Jad-Bal-Ja over Tarzan's unconscious body illo.
p.159 Has the La illustration unpublished in "Bride of the Beast Man"

Burroughs Bulletin (new series) #35, Summer 1998
p.19 "Bride of the Beast Man" illo. is reproduced.

Tommy Og Tigern (Calvin & Hobbes) Norway
carries Liberty Meadows (known as "Reservatet") in 1998 #1 to #12

ERBapa #56, Winter 1998

Dennis Wilcutt includes four Burroughs illustrations by Frank Cho in his contribution.

CFA-APA #45, Winter 1998
The first Frank Cho art in the CFA-APA appeared along with Frank's photo in CFA-APA #45, Winter 1998, in the contribution by Wally Harrington. The mailing was dedicated to "The Art of Walt Kelly". The section about Frank was entitled "Is there any hope on the horizon?" (i.e.: are there any current artists to carry the torch of great art and great stories in the newspapers) - four daily strips are reproduced in Wally's contribution.

CFA-APA #46, Summer 1998
Wally Harringhton followed up his contribution published on CFA APA #45with a reproduction of the Frank Cho "Flush Gordon" LM Sunday strip in his contribution dedicated to the Art of Moebius. In that same issue, Ray Cuthbert made some comments regarding Wally's introduction of Frank Cho and included a Tarzan illustration by Frank.

CFA-APA #47, Fall 1998
Dedicated to "The Artists of Quality Comics," Ray Cuthbert again responded to Wally Harrington's comments in CFA-APA #46 regarding Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows work. In the same issue Rich Dannys reproduced a "Bride of the Beast Man" illustration, and a VERY brief interview with Frank Cho.

CFA-APA #48, Winter 1999
Dedicated to "The Art of Wally Wood," Wally Harrington reproduced three pages of Frank Cho's Cavewoman story done for the SPX collection.

ERBapa #58, Summer 1998
Henry Franke mentions the interview with Frank Cho in The Comics Journal #205 (June 1998); Huck Huckenpohler mentions the artistry of Frank Cho.

ERBapa #59, Fall 1998
Ray Cuthbert reproduced an illustration from "Bride of the Beastman" and made mailing comments to two other members regarding Frank Cho's work. Mike Conran reproduced the Frank Cho cover to the "Jane" booklet given out at a recent Burroughs convention. Don O'Malley reproduced the front and back covers of Titanic Tales (the back cover was done by Frank with color by Mark Wheatley).

ERB COLLECTOR #34, November 1998
back cover illustration


Liberty Meadows Comic #1, Insight Studio 1999
Reprints the first 8 weeks of Liberty Meadows 1st & 2nd printings

Liberty Meadows Comic #2, Insight Studios 1999
Reprints the second 8 weeks of Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows Comic #3, Insight Studios 1999
Reprints the third 8 weeks of Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows Comic #4, Insight Studios 1999
(Now Monthly) Reprints the fourth 8 weeks of Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows Comic #5, Insight Studios 1999
(Monthly) 42 strips instead of 48 and 3 color Sundays

UNIVERSITY2 The Angry YearsTPB, Insight Studios
Collection of Diamondback strips revised 4th print with new cover & new strips

Liberty Meadows S&N(200) Print 12 Angry Monkeys 1999
11" x 17" color print of the "No Joke Today" Sunday from April 19th 1998.

Talbott Mundy Novel illustrated by Mark Wheatley and Frank Cho
the first printing of the JIMGRIM book had several typographical errors and problems with the foil stamping. The majority of these books were destroyed. The first printing can be identified in several ways: the word "Quorn" is not indented properly on page 4, the word "JIMGRIM" is unreadable on the foil-stamped spine, and the color paintings scattered throughout thebook are printed too dark.

Talbott Mundy Novel illustrated by Mark Wheatley and Frank Cho
Regular and deluxe signed edition.

An 8 1/2" x 11" numbered print from "Jim Grim and the Devil at Ludd", dated 1999, signed by both Frank and Mark Wheatley.

ERBapa #60 Winter 1999,
(Edgar Rice Burroughs amateur press association)
extremely limited to 55 copies but a few may be available from the editor, Steve Miller at 2201 Loreco Street #316, Bossier City, LA 71112 "From the Outer Burroughs - Swinging Vine to Vine with Frank Cho" 12 page interview with art by Frank.

Newsletter of Artistic Influence #22 April 1999
A full month of Liberty Meadows dailies are reproduced monthly in each issue from #22-33. Contact c/o The Newsletter PO Box 583014 Minneapolis, MN 55458-3014 for back Issue, subscription or donation Information. "Supporter" subscriptions are available for $10 a year, mailed 1st class. Email Huntley

The Comics Buyers Guide #1336 June 25, 1999
Cover Feature: "Frank Cho Graduates from University2 to Liberty Meadows" Cho photo on page 4 Article: "Insight Studios Group Adventures -- The Frank Cho and Mark Wheatley Show --Episode 953" on pages 38-40 article by Frank & Mark and art by Frank.

CFA-APA #49 Summer 1999
(comic and fantasy art amateur press association)
extremely limited to 60 copies but a few are still available from Bill Leach, the editor, at 117 Heritage Court, Oakley, CA 94561 or on-line at COMICART4U@AOL.COM back cover & 18 page interview with Ray Cuthbert, "Will the Real Frank Cho Please Stand Up?", with art by Frank

The Comics Journal #217
"Small Press Expo '99 Casting Its Own Shadow"
pp.21-23 and "Ignatz Under Fire - Cho defends Self-Nomination" pp.23-24 the articles include a LIBERTY MEADOWS cartoon panel and a photo of Frank taken at the 1997 San Diego Comic-Con.

The Comics Journal #218 December 1999
Page 33 and 34 have an article by Milo George

Washington D.C. CityPaper August 6-12, 1999
Cover for the "Kidland" article

Batman: No Man's Land Gallery #1, DC Comics, 1999
Clayface/Poison Ivy pin-up on page 20

JSA Secret Files #1, DC Comics, August, 1999
Golden Age Wonder Woman pin-up (inked by Wayne Faucher) on page 48

Wolf and Byrd Sonovawitch Pack 1-3
Issue 2 has a Frank Cho pin-up.

Intrigue #4 Image comics (NEVER RELEASED)
Planned 1 in 4 cover by Frank Cho. Howard Shum told us recently - via e-mail - he "will finish and publish the rest of the Intrigue story one day".

Dreams of Dawn 1/2, Wizard
Painted panel page 6

- edited by Cathy Fenner, edited by Arnie Fenner The best art of 1998! Inc1ludes one of Franks Deja Thoris illustrations

National Capital Panthans Journal Highlights Volume 2 -- 98-99
p.12 Schecky the Monkey King
p.29 Dejah Thoris stabbing mounted Thark in the neck
p.51 "Jane" booklet cover illo. -- black and white version
p.52 reproduces the covers of Journals 25 (Dejah Thoris struggles with
Thark) & 27 (Thark on Thoat charges 2 Helium babes)
p.58 Cavewoman kneeling
p.70 Cavewoman unfinished splash page "C'mon, guys. It's clear!"
p.82 reproduces the covers of Journals29 (Dejah riding a banth), 31(with Mark Wheatley -- Pellucidarian scene) & 32 (Dum-Dum illo)
p. 101 Dejah Thoris kneeling in front of Woola word "Mars" in the background
p.102 Pencils only of Dejah Thoris standing nude
p. 108 Dejah Thoris facing the White Apes of Barsoom
p.111 Cavewoman on T-Rex in black and white
p.112 Cavewoman Jungle Tales cover in black and white
back cover reproduces in colour the cover to National Capital Panthans Journal #23

Tommy Og Tigern (Calvin & Hobbes) Norway
carries Liberty Meadows (known as "Reservatet") in 1999 #1 to #12

ERBapa #60, Winter 1999

Ray Cuthbert has an interview with Frank Cho "Swinging Vine to Vine with Frank Cho" with nine illustrations by Frank Cho. James Van Hise comments on Frank Cho's artwork as well.

CFA-APA #50 Hallowe'en 1999
Dedicated to "Monsters Past and Present," Troy Pierce, Robert Craggs & Joel Thingvall comment on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho in CFA-APA #49

ERBapa #61, Spring 1999
Bob McGeeney comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho; Ken Webber comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho; David Adams comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho; Huck Huckenpoehler comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho; Bob Cook comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho.

ERBapa #62, Summer 1999
Shawn Cavender comments on Ray Cuthbert's interview with Frank Cho; Ray Cuthbert responds to comments inn ERBapa #61 regarding his interview with Frank Cho.

ERBapa #63, Fall 1999
Henry Franke includes a photograph of Allan Gross, Gray Morrow and Frank Cho from the Baltimore ECOF. Ray Cuthbert responds to Shawn Cavender's comments regarding Frank Cho in ERBapa #62.

ERB COLLECTOR #40, November 1999
Front cover illustration


Liberty Meadows Comic #6, Insight Studios
(Monthly) Reprints the fourth 8 weeks of Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows Comic #7, Insight Studios
(Monthly) 42 strips instead of 48 and 3 color Sundays

Liberty Meadows # 8 - March 2000

Liberty Meadows # 1-8 SET with a signed bookplate from
Bud Plant Comic Art

A set of the first eight-issues, accompanied by a stunning color bookplate that Frank drew exclusively for this!

Liberty Meadows # 9 - April 2000

Liberty Meadows # 10 - May 2000

Liberty Meadows # 11 - June 2000

Liberty Meadows # 12 - July 2000

Liberty Meadows # 13 - August 2000

Liberty Meadows # 14 - September 2000

Liberty Meadows # 15 - November 2000

Liberty Meadows # 16 - December 2000

The Comics Journal #218“Firing Line,”

Liberty Meadows to The Man in the Ceiling Reviewed by Milo George

Baltimore City Paper (February 9 - February 15, 2000)

Cover feature Strip Mining The Boondocks' Aaron McGruder and Liberty Meadows' Frank Cho Take the Funny Pages in New Directions

All the critters and one beautiful Brandy from Liberty Meadows. This is a screen-printed, full-color image by Frank Cho on a tan, 100%, heavy cotton shirt.

FRANK CHO, ILLUSTRATOR HC by Frank ChoInsight Studios
Certified Cool! This is a 96-page, over-sized hardback with foil stamping, color dust jacket, illustrated endleaves, and heavy art-quality pages covered with glorious images of beautiful women, god-like men in primitive conflicts, and hilarious cartoons filled with wacky critters! Collected for the first time are Frank’s rarely-seen images from the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Talbot Mundy, and other lurid pulp stories. Also presented are never-before-seen sketches, paintings, and detailed illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements, and newspapers. Color images are exhibited full size and with every shade preserved to see. See Frank’s Cavewoman strips and illustrations, his science fiction, and erotic fantasy art. Even select, exceptional Liberty Meadows Sunday strips are included. Finally, the introduction is by two of Frank’s greatest fans: Al Williamson and Mark Schultz.

Worlds of Westfield March 2000 magazine colour cover

Magazine of Artistic Influence from #33 April 2000
Has a Cho cover & revised version of the Cuthbert/Cho interview & in addition to the usual Liberty Meadows reprints includes illos on pp.6-11,13-28, and a back cover photo of Frank Cho

BURROUGHS BULLETIN (New Series) #41 Winter 2000
"Swinging Vine to Vine with Frank Cho" Cuthbert/Cho interview pp11-19 with five Burroughsian illustrations with Cho bio on page 10 and Dejah Thoris facing the White Apes of Barsoom illo on page 20

CAVEWOMAN: PANGEAN SEA #1 Front cover by Cho & Root; back cover Cho
pencil sketch for the same image; p.31 has the Cho/Root sketch of Cavewoman from the Basement Comics site. as an ad for Basement Comics.

CHO & TELL Feature

The 48-page, black-and-white book is a collection of stories written by character creator Paul Dini as well as Mark Evanier and Seinfeild's Dave Mandel. Artists contributing include Shane Giles, Bill Morrison, Jeff Smith, Chynna Clugston-Major and Sergio Aragones.

Tiffany Taylor S&N (1000) Print
Color print of Tiffany Taylor image signed by both Frank and Tiffany.

Tommy Og Tigern (Calvin & Hobbes) Norway
carries Liberty Meadows (known as "Reservatet") in 2000 #1 to #12

World's Funnest - DC Comics
pages 23 & 24

Bettie Page - Queen of the Nile - by Silke and Stevens - Dark Horse Pubintroduction by Frank Cho

Astounding Space Thrills #1 by Steve Conley -Image
Frank Cho illo

ERBapa #64, Spring 2000
Shawn Cavender responds to Ray Cuthbert's comments regarding frank Cho in ERBapa #63.

ERBapa #67, Fall 2000
Ken Webber reproduced a Liberty Meadows Sunday strip featuring "Schecky the Monkey King."

Turvatarha 1: Vitikon veijarit published in Finland by Egmont (2000) TURVATARHA is the Finnish title for the strip. It has 54 pages with the cover of Liberty Meadows #1.


Liberty Meadows # 17 - January 2001

Liberty Meadows # 18 - February 2001

Liberty Meadows # 19 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 20 , Insight Studios
Adam Hughes cover!
Liberty Meadows # 21 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 22 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 23 , Insight Studios

FRANK CHO, ILLUSTRATOR TPB by Frank ChoInsight Studios
Soft cover with a new cover and some alternate art inside

Hammer of the Gods #1 Cover, Insight Studios

Wonder Con 2001 Program Supergirl Cover

German S&N (250) Brandy Print
This is the very rare signed/numbered print which was sold with the deluxe German edition of Liberty Meadows #1. The deluxe edition itself has a print run of 250. The print has an embossed logo of the Salleck company. Frank distributed 46 artist proofs (AP) in the United States.

Diamond Alliance Retailer Summits Print S&N (2000)
Same image as the German print but not embossed and with a much larger print run of 2000. Sent only to Diamond retailers.

Alternate cover

UNIVERSITY2 -Norway Editions, Bladkompaniet AS
Semester 1
Semester 2

Liberty Meadows Comic #1 German Edition, Sallek Publications

Liberty Meadows TPB #1 German Edition, Sallek Publications

UNIVERSITY FREAKS (UNIVERSITY2) German Edition, Gringo Comics
No. 1 contains the Fall '94 strips
No. 2 the strips of Spring '95 strips

University Freaks promo postcard Germany

ZACK Magazine #23 Germany (published April 2001)
Two pages with two colored strips of UniversityFreaks and one of Liberty Meadows, photo and infos on Frank). Note: the strips are b/w in its original form, these are not Sunday strips!!

HIT COMICS #25 (sort of the German Wizard, published in March 2001)
Contains a 5 page interview with sketches (Cavewoman, Liberty Meadows) and several photos (Frank in Germany)

HIT COMICS #28 Germany (published in September 2001)
Contains a 3 page preview of University Freaks #3.

Promotional poster printed for comic shops

Frank Cho's Sketch Book:
Illustrations, Pin-Ups, Sketches, Cartoons, Scribbles and Monkeys!!

Limited edition sketchbook (150) sold at the 2001 San Diego Comic Con for $20. It's an 8.5"x11" tapebound book with 50 single-sided pages. Some 7 pages of Dejah Thoris, 6 pages of Cavewoman (Meriem), a couple pencil pages of Cavewoman, 7 pages of partially inked Cavewoman panel pages, Paul Dini's Jingle Belle cover, Lobo and Princess Leia, Edgar Allen Poe, Swamp Thing, 8 LM covers, 10 pages of nude figures, apes, Barsoomians, and cavemen, the Forbidden University Squared-Donkey Punch Episode, and the back cover image of Brandy wearing only socks and shoes. Frank says he spent some 6-7 hours at Kinko's, copying from the original art and hand collating the pages.

Frank Cho's Sketch Book:
Illustrations, Pin-Ups, Sketches, Cartoons, Scribbles and Monkeys!!

2nd Printing with a few different plates

IS Art Print
King Kong fighting a pterydactyl print limited to 50 from the IS ART Gallery show.

Expo Print
A rare King Kong print given only to retailers at the 2001 San Diego Con Expo.

Tommy Og Tigern (Calvin & Hobbes) Norway
carries Liberty Meadows (known as "Reservatet") in 2001 #1 to #7 (thus far) and is continuing. Number 7 has a color pull out Dean poster.

Self-Titled Not for Distribution CD Cover
Front and Back covers order here

Small Press Expo 2001 Flyer
Brandy getting her butt painted image.

Baltimore Comicon 2001 Flyer
Black & white xerox, the bottom half is a gorgeous image by Frank: Brandy, in a skimpy witch's costume, riding a broom, with Ralph and Leslie sitting on the end of the broom tossing off comics & candy.

Diamond Previews Magazine September
Witch ad in color

Ekllipse #9 (France)
Great looking 8 page article (in French) on Frank with ons of art reprinted.

Magma #1 Norway
Reprints the Cavewoman SPX story with other Cavewoman art

Bat-Con print

Frank Cho has selected this print from his portfolio as our exclusive Bat-Con print. This image previosly only released in Frank's sketchbook as a black and white has been colored and is ready to go! 18"x24

LIBERTY MEADOWS: Big Book of Love Insight, 2001
Encompasses the entire 1997 run, first collected in the out-of-print Liberty Meadows #1-5. All the art has been newly scanned and retouched to enhance printing on coated art-quality paper. Every Sunday strip has been colored to take best advantage of the paper..Includes a new eight-page story in color and new art peppered throughout. Here is the drop-dead gorgeous Brandy, her shy, short boyfriend and a bevy of strange and funny critters. Plus there are parodies of Prince Valiant, King Kong, Tarzan and much more.

Bud Plant Christmas Card
Better hope you are on Bud Plant's Christmas list!

Baltimore Comic-Con Official Souvenir Program Cover
Brandy, in a skimpy witch's costume, riding a broom, with Ralph and Leslie sitting on the end of the broom tossing off comics & candy.

Stud Monkey Club Certificate

This was a special promo certificate for Westfield orders.

SPECTRUM:The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Vol 8
Edited by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner

Nearly 300 color illustrations selected from over 3,000 entries include drawings, paintings, sculptures by such luminaries as Leo and Diane Dillon, Michael Whelan, Jeffrey Jones, Kinuko Craft, Brom, Kent Williams, Dave McKean, William Stout, Frank Cho, Phil Hale, and many more. This year's roster also includes James Gurney (the Dinotopia series),and Anita Kunz (Rolling Stone). Jean "Moebius" Giraud is honored with an illustrated biography, while the "Year In Review" section puts the entire field into focus.

Canberra Times November 10 2001 The Tale of a Monkey Lover
Article & interview with Frank.

TIME Magazine October 1st, 2001 edition.
Cover image: "Target: Bin Laden" Cover of 9-11 comic is included in an article.

IS Art : the Art of Insight Studios, by Allan Gross April 2001
Also a deluxe edition limited to 800 & a set of 3 book marks.

Gray Morrow - Visionary ISG in August 2001
There are few words by Frank about Grey's art : "Gray Morrow is old school. When I say 'old school', I mean he's reliable and talented. Give this man a pencil or a paint brush and he'll create a masterpiece that'll leave your jaw dropping and your eyeballs on fire !" -Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows #1- Spanish edition
120 pp. La Colla de la Pessigolla Publisher:. . Brandy, la bella y hermosa Brandy.This Spanish language edition of Liberty Meadows reprints the strips - daylies and Sundays - published between March 1997 and December 1997 and contains an extract from the 1999 interview done by Ray Cuthbert with Frank

Liberty Meadows #2- Spanish edition
118 pp. La Colla de la Pessigolla Publisher:. Volume #2 of the Spanish edition reprints the strips - daylies and Sundays - published between December 1997 and August1998.

CFA-APA #53, June 2001
dedicated to "Those Wacky Cartoonists" R. Gary Land reproduces a Frank Cho Dejah Thoris piece and a LM preliminary, and makes a few comments regarding Frank Cho's artwork.

CFA-APA #54, August 2001
dedicated to "History in Comics", Todd Adams reproduces some artwork from the Frank Cho Sketchbook in his contribution.

CFA-APA #55, November 2001
dedicated to "Unpublished Masterpieces, Preliminaries and Sketches", both Ray Cuthbert and Todd Adams reproduce one piece of artwork each from the Frank Cho Sketchbook in their contributions, and both comment on Frank Cho's artwork.

ERBapa #71, Fall 2001
Murray Gibbs comments that a Burroughs-jungle pastiche by Ray Cuthbert would be well-illustrated by Frank Cho.

ERBapa #72, Winter 2002
Ray Cuthbert comments to Murray Gibbs that he had sent his pastiche to Frank Cho, but doubts that Cho had the time to read it.

Scarce #59 - Summer 2001 issue - by SAGA
French magazine. Reproduced art plus article
titled : Frank Cho et Insight Studio"


Liberty Meadows # 24 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 25 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 26 , Insight Studios

Liberty Meadows # 27 , Image Comics

Liberty Meadows # 28 , Image Comics

Liberty Meadows #29 December 2002 - Image Comics

Liberty Meadows Wedding album (ISG) January 2002

Liberty Meadows Wedding album (ISG) January 2002
retailer incentive edition,signed. Includes an invitation to the wedding.

9-11 Emergency Relief
9-11: Emergency Relief is a comic book project to benefit the American Red Cross featuring some of the comic world's leading talents. From legendary creators such as Will Eisner to hot new talents such as cover artist Frank Cho, cartoonists from all areas of the cartooning world have joined together in this community effort. Scheduled for January 2002 release from Alternative Comics, 9-11: Emergency Relief is a collection of these cartoonists' personal non-fiction accounts of their experiences related to the tragedy.


This issue features Liberty Meadows creator Frank Cho, and a major article on the life and works of Hal Foster. Foster is one of the pre-eminent comic strip artists of all time, and in this issue Russ Cochran reviews a new, thorough biography, complete with photos. An in-depth interview with Cho looks at the creative force behind the Liberty Meadows daily and Sunday strips, as well as his recent coffee-table book of the strip. Includes color gallery.

There were two articles written exclusively for TIME's website:

Jan 29, 2002,9565,197890,00.html

Feb 5, 2002,9565,198966,00.html

For almost the past decade, Frank Cho and Insight Studios have been turning heads in the comic industry. With his incredibly smooth illustration style and signature pin up women, Frank has played the role of a masterful architect as he built the world of Liberty Meadows. Featured in the pages of Sketch #12, Frank discusses his career, influences, and future aspiration as he explains his approach to his work and the drive he needed to succeed. In addition, Sketch will supply all the "How To’s…" and fill the niche of comic creation with columns on inking, coloring, writing, pencilling, promoting, packaging etc. Sketch is the trade publication that offers comic creators a forum to swap tales and secrets. The material in Sketch is never dated; thus each article offers fresh information that can be used time after time.
SKETCH MAGAZINE #12 The Comic Industry’s Trade Magazine!
64pg. - Retail $5.95 - Item #SK1012

Frank Cho's Sketch Book:
Illustrations, Pin-Ups, Sketches, Cartoons, Scribbles and Monkeys!!

3nd Printing with a few different plates

TIME MAGAZINE Jan 21, 2002 issue, page 143.
The 9-11 cover was reproduced again I believe with a a small paragraph about the 9/11 books

Playboy March 2002
Small Picture of the Tiffany Taylor print on page 163.

Inside Asian America, February/March 2002
The front cover features Michelle Kwan with a small headline on Asian Female Comic Book Superheroes. Frank is featured in the "Comical Asians: Ten to Watch"sidebar. The article and sidebar are by Brian Nelson

Note that cover "A" is by one of Frank's artistic heros -- Hal Foster. An interview with Frank will be in both editions and a review of the great new book on Foster ("Hal Foster: Prince of Illustrators, Father of the Adventure Strip") will be in both editions. There will be several articles on Foster this time around, so Frank will likely be pleased to read it himself! The covers are the only difference between the two editions.

GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #6 America's Best Comics
Frank illustrated a story

Eden TPB Promo Bookmark
Given away at conventions this summer by Image to promote the comic book. The image on the bookmark ( 2 1/4x10 1/4 ) it's a "clip" from the cover.

Eden TPB published in July by Image Comics.

Psychopark - Tome 1 : Bienvenue 'a Liberty Meadows May 2002
(Welcome to Liberty Meadows) published in France by Vents d'Ouest

Psychopark- tome 2 : La vengeance est un plait qui se mange froid Oct 2002 (Revenge is a dish served cold)
(What the hell are they doing over there?) published in France by Vents d'Ouest

Ultimate Spiderman Super special #1 - June 2002 Marvel
Spidey and Elektra story

Madman Picture Exebition #4 - AAA POP Comics July 2002
Page 20 Frank has a Madman toaster pinup

2002 Armadillo con 24 program
Black and white Cover with Scott Kurtz (PvP ONLINE)( Ralph and Skull on the moon)

Pittsburgh Comicon Convention Book
26/27/28 April 2002 the backcover of the program has a full color Swamp Thing "zombies" image by Frank

Swamp Thing print signed by Frank Cho
Very, very small print run - less than 3 (?).

Savage Dragon #100 June Image Comics
Full color page pin up by Frank

Tiffany Taylor 2nd poster (white sweater)

Brunhilde Unleashed print
Signed by Frank & Scott limited to 500 copies.

Heavy Metal November 2002
On page 9 "Thoris and her pets" BW illo, (Really messed up reproduction)

Spectrum NineSeptember/October
2 pieces :"Coppertone " cavewoman and Dejah with sleeping Woola

Wizard 134 November
Cover "Wolverine and Dr Jean Grey" ( that's a split cover - that issue had 3 different covers.)

Franklin Booth, painter with a pen - Flesk publications ( Santa Fe,CA) harbound and softbound editions There is one Cho illustration : "Merry Christmas - Just breaking in my new pens, folks" strips - the female angel with the candle, with a caption that states that Cho has been inspired by Booth. There is also an accolade of Booth by Frank on the back cover.

Manga-style poster by John Staton, Frank is involved there, don't know if it's out yet.

Houston Lone Star Convention Program Cover
Frank gave a beautiful cowboy Brandy to be used on the program (full color). There were no publicly sold posters or prints. Five posters were made for the event organizers. Cafe Press has merchandise available on mugs, t-shirts, frisbees, lunch boxes, but no posters/prints.

CFA-APA #56, February 2002
dedicated to "Obscure comic, newspaper strip artists and fantasy illustrators", Ray Cuthbert reproduces three Frank Cho illustrations from "Bride of the Beastman" and one Cavewoman convention sketch, along with some comments about Frank Cho's artwork. Benno Rothschild mentions purchasing some Frank Cho Liberty Meadows preliminaries in Atlanta in 2002. Todd Adams used Frank Cho's full-color postcard image of the 9-11 Emergency Relief TPB for the cover to his contribution, and includes a copy of a gorilla sketch done by Frank, and makes some comments on Frank's work.

CFA-APA #57, May 2002
dedicated to "The Artistry of Alex Raymond", Ray Cuthbert mentions the relative ease of Raymond's depictions of women in lingerie in the 1940's and 1950's compared to the censorship faced more currently by Frank Cho, and has a quote from Alex Raymond's daughter, Judy Boykin, from a letter addressed to Frank Cho. CHAS uses the Frank Cho Liberty Meadows Thanksgiving Day cover image as a demonstration of how he attempts to improve his own inking skills. Dave Newton makes a brief mailing comment regarding Frank Cho's work as appeared in Cuthbert's article in CFA-APA #56.

ERBapa #76, Winter 2003
Huck Huckenpoehler reproduces several National Panthan Journals, several of which have covers by Frank Cho.

The Comics since 1945 - by Brian Walker - Harry N. Abrams,
Inc. Pub.- 2002

2 pages ( 314-315) dedicated to Frank Cho

Cavewoman Jam-book S. Diego 2002
Cover "a" edition art is by Frank and Budd ( Napisinteruptus) .
Both "a" and "b" cover edition publish a Cavewoman pinup by Frank -pencils- and Budd -inks-

Turvatarha 2: Talven tohinaa published in Finland by Egmont (2002)TURVATARHA is the Finnish title for the strip. It has 54 pages with the cover of Liberty Meadows #7.

PVP The Online Comic Strip Collection Vol. 1 TPB - Striptease - by Scott Kurtz Dork Storm Press - July 2002
Frank wrote the introduction to the book

PVP # 5 by Scott Kurtz Dork Storm Press - 2002.
page #7 features Frank as "the Monkey" in a pop-up ad.

Wizard Edge 2003 published in November 2002
on page 64 there's reproduced the cover of LM #19 ( Brandy with yellow raincoat) Same page and the following ( ..65) has an article "How I made it" , they asked a bunch of comic book creators ( including Frank, Mike Allred, Steve Niles and Terry Moore) the same questions : Current Work, First published work, Dayjob before comics, What I learned, Advice I would give . Then on page 72 there's the infamous * " Sell out" strip, in colors, by Frank and Scott.

National Panthans Journal #70 August 2002
Reproduced full page the BW art for the 2002 Lone Star Convention program cover and the 2002 Armadillo 24 Con program cover

Thwip! # 73 (fanzine) August 2002
6 pages interview with Frank Cho by Ivan A. Martin
This interview was conducted by phone in March 2002

Monkey Boy Merchandise

Frank started offering Monkey Boy merchandise at his own

CafePress store in June 2002


ERBapa #77, Spring 2003
Ray Cuthbert reproduces a Frank Cho sketch of a Gorilla on the run.

CFA-APA #61, Nov. 2003
CHAS includes a Liberty Meadows word-search, a watermark of Brandy Carter, and a copy of an inked image of Brandy Carter from the cover of Liberty Meadows. Ray Cuthbert reproduces a black and white version of Frank Cho's "Jane" booklet from the original artwork.

ERBapa #78, Summer 2003
Bill Ross includes a photo of Frank Cho in his contribution for the ERB Collector.

CFA-APA #60, May 2003
CHAS includes the September and November 2002 issues of the Newsletter of Artistic Influence (reprinting Liberty Meadows) and uses Frank Cho's Shanna the She-Devil promotional artwork as a cover watermark, and reproduces two Frank Cho Shanna the She-Devil illustrations in his contribution. Ray Cuthbert reproduces a sketch of Brandy Carter, a sketch of a gorilla on the run and "Frank & Brandy - Love at First Sight" all by Frank Cho, along with comments relating to Frank's appearance at the 2002 FallCon in Minnesota.

Wizard Postermania! 2003
reproduces the cover to Amazing Spider-man #48 by Frank Cho at poster size, and with different logos than on the comic book.

Nemi magazine #1
Norwegian magazine.The front cover has one small illo of Leslie and the words "Velkommen til Frank Cho's Reservatet". Within the magazine the "Reservatet" section begins with a full color reproduction of FrankCho's Liberty Meadows #2 cover with the words "Velkommen til Frank Cho's Reservatet", and is followed by a half-page prose introduction, and the cover illustration to the Big Book of Love and 18 early LM dailies in full color, over a total of six pages within the magazine.

Previews vol XIII, #2 Jan 2003
Cho/Kurtz PvP back cover art

Dallas Comicon Program
Inside page reproduction of a Shanna pin-up by Frank Cho

Footman15 #1 Bald Guy Studios
Frank Cho's cover art . The inside cover reads October 2002, but was distributed in April 2003.

Psychopark - Tome 3 : "Coup de filet à Liberty Meadows "
published in France by Vents d'Ouest ( March 2003) reproduces in color early strips from the original syndicated run of Liberty Meadows, translated in French

PvP #1 by Scott Kurtz - Image pub.
cover art by Frank Cho

PvP #2 by Scott Kurtz - Image pub.-
cover art by Frank Cho

Peter Parker : Spider-Man Vol 4 "Trials and tribulations" TPB - Marvel pub.
cover art by Frank Cho - same cover as ASM # 48 -

Cavewoman Pangean Sea #6 - Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
full page "Meriem" pin-up ( 1998 Meriem pinup, Frank pencils/ Budd's inks)

Cavewoman Pin-up gallery #3 - Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
Frank has 3 Cavewoman illos published in that issue

The many worlds of Tesla Strong -ABC Pub.
4 pages story by Frank

Supernatural Law # 37 - Exhibit A Press
Frank drew - throughout the issue - the character "Marga" and collaborated with a pin-up illustration.

Liberty Meadows # 30 February 2003- Image Comics

Liberty Meadows # 31 April 2003 - Image Comics

Spider-Man Tangled Web vol.4 TPB (Marvel)
Frank Cho cover art same cover of Amazing Spider-Man new series #46

L'Uomo Ragno #366 (#94 of the new series) Marvel Italia-Panini Comics) May 2003
Frank's cover art ( same cover of Amazing Spider-Man new series #46)

L'Uomo Ragno #367 (#95 of the new series) Marvel Italia-Panini Comics) June 2003
Frank's cover art ( same cover of Amazing Spider-Man new series #47)

L'Uomo Ragno #368 (#96 of the new series) Marvel Italia-Panini Comics) June 2003
Frank's cover art ( same cover of Amazing Spider-Man new series #48)

National Capital Panthans Journal Highlights Volume 3

Tons of Frank Cho Burroughs art.

Scandinavian Spider-Man monthly (issue 8/2003)
features Frank's first cover.

Liberty Meadows #32 June 2003 - Image

PVP #3 July 2003 - Image - Frank's guest art on a few strips

Trouble#1 Second Chances Edition July 2003- Marvel
Cover art

Sketches and Scribbles book 1 -Summer 2003 Monkey Boy Press
80 pages sketchbook, edition limited to 2000 signed and numbered copies.

Liberty Meadows : Eden Book 1 Hardcover edition June 2003- Image-
The 144 pages hardcover edition features an expanded sketchbook gallery, new art on the endpapers, full page reproduction of Liberty Meadows' covers 1-9 and other material not included in the TPB edition.

August 2003 Al Williamson Adventures - ISG
Frank wrote the introduction

Liberty meadows is now also published in Dutch, in a magazine called MYX.

Issues 1 - 3 (July/August/September 2003) contained 1 page
(4 gags) per issue!

Xenozoic Tales Vol 2 by Mark Schultz
Dark Horse, May 2003 Introduction by Frank Cho.

Liberty Meadows #33 August 2003 - Image Comics

Liberty Meadows #34 October 2003 - Image Comics

Psychopark - Tome 4 : Tout Feu Tout Flamme October 2003
Collects early LM strips translated in French- published by Vents d'Ouest

The Goon #3 - Dark Horse Comics- October 2003
Q&A with Frank Cho

KoreAm Journal - September 2003 -
published the interview "Life, 'Liberty Meadows', And The Pursuit Of Happiness" available online at

More Fund Comics - Sky Dog Press - September 2003
Star studded anthology .Published a 9 pages preview of Frank and Scott's "Summer Days" Frank Cho also provides the cover art for the (very) limited show-exclusive" 2003 Baltimore Comic-Con" edition of this antology

Brandy Witch lasercells by LaserMach - September 2003
Reproduces the image previously published on the cover of the Baltimore Comic-Con 2001 program recolored by Dave Stewart
the 4x6 edition limited to 1000 copies
the 5x7 edition limited to 200 copies

Comic Book Artist magazine Vol 2 #2 - October 2003 – Top Shelf
(cover, interview and art gallery)

Liberty Meadows: Eden Italian edition - October 2003 – Saldapress
Image’s “Liberty Meadows : Eden “ translated in Italian .

PVP #5 – November 2003- Image
Frank collaborated to this issue with some guest art

Hellboy Weird Tales # 6 - December 2003 – Dark Horse Comics
Cover art by Frank

Image Annual Christmas Card - December 2003 – Image
distributed to professionals only by the Image Comics staff. Reproduces the recolored cover art of LM #7

Thwip! # 81 (fanzine) January 2003
on the cover : Spider-Man sketch by Frank Cho

Creature Comforts TPB Promo Bookmark Summer 2003
Given away at conventions by Image to promote the book.
The image on the bookmark ( 2 1/4x10 1/4 ) it's a "clip" from the cover.

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol. III TPB September 2003
includes the Ultimate Spiderman Super special #1
with a Spider-Man/Elektra story by Frank Cho
originally published by Marvel in June 2002


Wizard PosterMania 2004 – 2004 – Wizard
Poster 31 reproduces the cover art of Liberty Meadows issue #32

Alan Moore’s America’s Best Comics TPB – January 2004 – ABC
Includes : “ The many world of Tesla Strong “ – 4 pages by Frank-

Liberty Meadows # 35 – January 2004 - Image

Liberty Meadows Vol II : Creature Comforts – January 2004 – Image
144 pages hardcover collects Liberty Meadows daily strips - remastered and uncensored - from issue #10 to issue #18 .The volume includes a never published Liberty Meadows short story, cover art gallery, extensive sketch / images gallery and new art on the endpapers.

Footman15 Therapy –January 2004 – Bald Guy Studios
Cover art by Frank Cho -

HOP! # 100 (French Fanzine)
Six pages of text & illustrations in French by Marc-André & Alexandra Dumonteil.

ERBapa #80, Winter 2004
Ray Cuthbert uses a Frank Cho Tarzan battling a gorilla sketch for the cover of his contribution on "The WB's Tarzan".

Psycho Park tome 5 April 2004
Les fiançailles de Brandy (published by Vents d' Ouest, text in french)

Wizard Edge 2004 March 2004
Pg. 36 and 37 Interview with Frank Cho by Todd Casey

Wizard Magazine # 150 April 2004
Frank Cho- president of the brunette fun club- talks
about Jennifer Connelly

Liberty Meadows # 36 (Image) May 2004

Wizard Magazine # 151 May 2004
"Fight Club" illustration by Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows Sourcebook #1 – ( Image) May 2004

Even More Fund Comics Promo Card Summer 2004
Promo card given away at conventions and
in-store signings to promote the book.
On the front : Spider-Man illustration by Frank Cho

Summer of Love TPB Promo Bookmark Summer 2004
Given away at conventions by Image to promote the book.
The image on the bookmark ( 2 1/4x10 1/4 ) it's a "clip" from the cover.

PVP At Large TPB by Scott Kurtz ( Image) July 2004
Collects Image's edition of PVP issues 1 to 6
2 covers ( issue #1 and #2 ) + some guest art ( issue #3 and #5) by Frank Cho

Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 5 (Marvel) August 2004
Cover art, inside art ( pencils and inks) all by Frank Cho

Johnny Lightning Marvel Comics Series: Amazing Spider-Man - Corvette Corvair
Car #5 features the Amazing Spider-Man #489 cover by Frank Cho card and the Corvette Corvair car.

Even More Fund Comics (SkyDog Press) September 2004
on the cover: Spider-Man illustration by Frank Cho

Wizard Magazine # 157 September 2004
Interview with Frank Cho

Opposite Forces #4 (Funny Pages Press) September 2004
Cover by Frank Cho

Thwip! # 100 (fanzine) September 2004
In its centennial edition Thwip! reprintsthe interview with Franck Cho originally published on issue #73and the Spider-Man sketch published on the cover of issue #81

(Dreamwave/ Ad Vision)
October 2004

Penciled by John Staton, with final assistance by Frank Cho

Hellboy Weird Tales Vol2 TPB (Dark Horse) October 2004
Collection includes the cover art for Hellboy Weird Tales #6 by Frank Cho

Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 8 (Marvel) November 2004
pencils and inks by Frank Cho

Witchblade # 80 (Top Cow/Image) November 2004
Variant cover "C" : art by Frank Cho

Spider-Man 2 Collector's DVD Gift set (Columbia Tri-Star)
November 2004

The gift set includes an exclusive limited edition portfolio of artwork.Over 25 well-known comic book artists created artwork inspired by Spider-Man 2 specifically for, and only available in, this collector's edition DVD. ( Frank Cho's = Spidey + Mary Jane)

Marvel Knights 4 # 13 (Marvel) December 2004
Cover art by Frank Cho

Spectrum 11:Annual Collection of the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art by Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner Underwood Books (November 9, 2004)
Three Pieces by Frank Cho are featured.

Comic Book Encyclopedia : The Ultimate Guide to Characters, Graphic Novels, Writers, and Artists in the Comic Book Universe by Ron Goulart Harper Entertainment (November 1, 2004)
Frank Cho as an entry with half a page of praise for Frank & Liberty Meadows.

SPIDER-MAN Wrapping Paper
Sold at Target Stores with some of Frank's Art featured

Annual Christmas card - December 2004
Christmas card commission from Flesk Publication

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: 500 Covers (Marvel) June 2004
HC, 7x11, 312pg
Includes ASM vol2 #46,#47 and #48 (cover art by Frank Cho)

The Goon Vol 2 TPB (Dark Horse) February 2004
Introduction and spot illustration by Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows: Tana Dolce Tana (SaldaPress) September 2004
Italian edition of LM Vol II : Creature Comforts, translated in Italian by Andrea Toscani


Shanna #1 (Marvel) February 2005
Shanna #2 (Marvel) March 2005
Shanna #3 (Marvel) April 2005
Shanna #4 (Marvel) May 2005
Shanna #5 (Marvel) June 2005

Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol 2 Venomous TP (Marvel) January 2005
Collects MK Spider-Man 5 - 8

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Women of Marvel 2005 (Marvel) January 2005
Shanna illustration by Frank Cho

Wizard 161 (Wizard Entertainment) January 2005
Shanna illustration and Spider-Woman illo

Wizard 162 (Wizard Entertainment) February 2005
Jen illustration (from the cover art of Liberty Meadows #35)

Witchblade #80 Top Cow Store Foil Exclusive February2005
Limited edition of 250 copies Frank Cho Cover

Top Cow Fine Art Lithographs: Frank Cho Witchblade February 2005
Witchblade #80 cover image from Frank Cho and Laura Martin.
Limited edition of 250 pieces

Liberty Meadows vol III : Summer of Love (Image) February 2005
144 pages hardcover collects Liberty Meadows daily strips - remastered and uncensored - from issue #19 to issue #27. Includes a never published Liberty Meadows short story (King Kong Versus the 50 Foot Zombie Terror), covers art gallery, extensive sketch / images gallery and new art on the endpapers.

Panthans Journal #100 (National Capital Panthans) February 2005
Full page reproduction of Frank Cho's Shanna #1 cover art

How to Draw - The best of Wizard Basic training Volume 1 (Wizard Entertainment) March 2005
Cover art (Brandy and Truman)
Frank also contributes with a tutorial on covers (chapter seven: part eight)

Budd's Cavewoman Beauties & Beasts (Basement Comics) April 2005
Two Cavewoman illustrations by Frank and Budd Root, also a Cavewoman / Liberty Meadows crossover story with art by Budd Root.

Black Panther #3 (Marvel) April 2005
Cover art.

Shanna the She-Devil T-Shirt (Graphitti Designs) May2005

Wizard Postermania 2005 (Wizard Entertainment) May 2005
Poster #29 reproduces Witchblade #80 cover art

4 #13 (Marvel) April 2005
Cover art (Sue Storm)

PVP #16 (Image) May 2005
Cover art (Brunhilde Unleashed)

IQ Gamer #123 (Wizard Entertainment) June 2005
Cover art (Spider-Man)

Uncanny X-Men 461 (Marvel) June 2005
Cover art (Mojo)

Wizard 166 (Wizard Entertainment) June 2005
cover 2 of 2
Cover art (Magneto vs. the Marvel Universe)

Wizard #166 (Wizard Ent.) June 2005
cover (Magneto VS the Marvel Universe)

Zombie King #0 (Image) July 2005
Frank Cho: all ( cover, inside art pencils and inks)

Shanna #6 (Marvel) July 2005

Shanna #7 (Marvel) August 2005

Sketches and Scribbles book 2 (Monkey Boy Press )Summer 2005
Frank Cho debuts the newest edition of his sketchbook at the
2005 San Diego Comicon.

Lara Croft Tomb Rider print (Monkey Boy Press ) Summer 2005
S/N print, limited to 250 copies

IQ Gamer #123 ( Wizard Ent.) July 2005
Spider-man cover

Swampmen : Muck Monsters of the Comics (Twomorrows Pub.) July 2005
Cover by Frank Cho

PVP #0 by Scott Kurtz (Image ) August 2005
guest art ( 1 strip)

Comic Box Vol2 #1 (Mad Movies Pub. - France) August 2005
Frank Cho art gallery - 4 pages-

Black Panther #8 (Marvel) September 2005
Cover art

PSM PlayStation Magazine #101 (Future) September 2005
Cover art ( Tomb Rider)

2005 Baltimore Convention - Convention Program -September 2005
Program cover art (Teen Titans)

2005 Baltimore Convention September 2005
Poster (Teen Titan) print run: 2000 copies

Drawing Strength (Sky-Dog Press) September 2005
Frank contributes with a Nightwing and Robin BW illo

Warmageddon Preview Edition #1 (Digital Webbing)September 2005
This Preview Edition for Warmageddon Illustrated #1 features a gallery of art
by Frank Cho that did not appear in Warmageddon Illustrated #1.

Warmageddon Illustrated #1 (Digital Webbing)September 2005
Frank Cho art gallery and interview

Warmageddon Illustrated #1: Ultimate Comics Exclusive Cover
Same as Warmageddon Illustrated #1, but comes with different cover art.
Limited to 200 copies

Nodwick #30 by Aaron Williams (Henchman Publishing) October 2005
Cover art by Frank Cho

Comic Book Artist vol 2 #6 (Top Shelf) November 2005
Frank Cho contributes to this Will Eisner tribute issue
with a full page pin-up image.

Shanna, the She-Devil Premier HC (Marvel) November 2005
168 pages, collects issue #1 to #7.
The differences between the Shanna comics and the current HC are:
page 1 and 3 illos;1 new transition page after #4;
another new transition page after #5; inset panel for page following #6.
October 2005 Marvel Knights Spider-man Vol 1 Hard Cover
Collects MK Spider-man issue 1 to 12 ( issue #5 and #8 art by Frank Cho)

Black Panther #8 second printing (Marvel) November 2005
Second printing with a new cover by Frank Cho

Witchblade Tenth Anniversary Cover Gallery #1 (Top Cow) November 2005
Includes Frank Cho's Witchblade #80 cover art

Spectrum 12 (Underwood Books Inc.) Nov 2005
Reproduced Spider-man and Hellboy illustrations

Burroughs Bullettin New Series # 61 (Burroughs Bibliophiles) Fall 2005
Tarzan and the Apes illo by Frank Cho

Image Holiday Special (Image) December 2005
Image Comics Creators Anthology. Frank provides the cover art.

Wizard Mega Postermania 2006(Wizard Ent.) December 2005
Shanna poster

New Avengers #14 (Marvel) December 2005
Cover and inside art by Frank Cho

The Goon Fancy Pants HC (Dark Horse) December 2005
By Eric Powell
Frank Cho's blurb published on the inside front cover flap.

Psycho Park tome 6 : Le voyage trans-dimensionnel April 2005
LM strips collection, translated in French, published in France by Vents d' Ouest

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Season 2: Vol 1 June 2005
Brentwood Home Video 6-disc DVD boxed set
includes a 4x6 collectible card illustrated by Frank Cho

Thunder Lizards! by Steve Miller (Watson-Guptill) August 2005
Frank Cho illustrations on page 13 and 19

Witchblade Neue Serie 42 Museumsedition weiß INFINITY- Comic Action (Germany) September 2005
German edition Witchblade New Series issue #42 (reprints US Top Cow Witchblade # 80) Museum Edition Variant (limited printing 150 copies) - on the cover: Frank Cho cover to Witchblade 80

Witchblade Neue Serie 42 Museumsedition silber INFINITY (Germany) September 2005
German edition Witchblade New Series issue #42 (reprints US Top Cow Witchblade # 80)
Witchblade New Series issue #42 Silver variant (Limited pinting 50 copies) - on the cover: Frank Cho cover to Witchblade 80


Wizard #171 cover 1 of 2(Wizard Ent.) January 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho: The New Avengers Vs The Ultimates

New Avengers #15 (Marvel) January 2006
Cover and inside art by Frank Cho

Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel) March 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Brandy Statue (CS Moore Studio)

Truman Oscar X-Mas ornaments (CS Moore Studio)

Oscar & Truman Plush Toys (CS Moore Studio)

X-Men Booster Set Card #202 (Upper Deck) February 2006
Card Number MXM-202
Women of X-Men illo by Frank Cho

Ms. Marvel #2 (Marvel) April 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Frank Cho Women: Selected Drawings And Illustrations (Image) April 2006
by Frank Cho Hardcover edition

Frank Cho Women Art Print (Image) April 2006
Limited to 500 S/N copies, art print with overlay reproduces the cover art
to "Frank Cho Women: Selected Drawings And Illustrations".

Ms. Marvel #3 (Marvel) May 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Ms. Marvel #4 (Marvel) June 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Ms. Marvel #5 (Marvel) July 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Sketches and Scribbles Book 3 (Monkey Boy Press ) Summer 2006
Frank Cho debuts the 3rd edition of his Sketches and Scribbles series
sketchbook at the 2006 San Diego Comicon.

Shanna the She-Devil print (Monkey Boy Press ) July 2006
S/N print, limited to 250 copies, art by Frank Cho colors by Brandon Peterson

Black Panther #18 (Marvel) July 2006
Wrap-Around cover illustration by Frank Cho

Wizard Magazine #179 (Wizard) July 2006
Mighty Avengers sketches by Frank Cho

Ms. Marvel #6 (Marvel) August 2006
Cover art by Frank Cho

Red Sonja #13 (Dynamite) August 2006
Cover 'A' and Negative Variant - Cover Art by Frank Cho
Blue Foil Variant (ltd. 750 copies - September 2006)

Savage Red Sonja Queen of the Frozen Wastes #1 (Dynamite) Aug 2006
Written by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, cover art by Frank Cho
Regular cover edition, Virgin cover variant, Negative cover art variant,
RRP Retailer Incentive variant, Blue Foil ed. (750 copies)
and Fiery Red Foil Ed. (375 copies).

The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (Muze Inc.) September 2006
The 4 DVD set includes a 4x6 collectable card illustrated by Frank Cho

2006 Baltimore Comic-Con Program - September 2006
Cover art (Spider-Woman Vs Venom) illustration by Frank Cho

Spider-Woman Vs Venom print - September 2006
S/N only 100 copies, sold at the 2006 Baltimore Comic-Con

Friends Of Cho 'FOC' T-Shirt - September 2006
Only 300 made, sold at the 2006 Baltimore Comic-Con

BuzzBoy poster - September 2006
2006 Baltimore Comic-Con giveaway, 1000 copies printed

Red Sonja #13 (Dynamite Ent.) September 2006
Blue Foil Variant (ltd. 750 copies) 2006 Baltimore Comic-Con exclusive edition

How To Draw - Advanced Techniques (Wizard) September 2006
Reprints the tutorial on how to draw cover art written by Frank Cho

Savage Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes #2 September 2006
Written by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, cover art by Frank Cho
Regular cover edition, Virgin cover variant, Negative cover art variant

Ms Marvel: Best of the Best HC (Marvel) September 2006
Cover by Frank Cho, includes the reproduction of
Frank Cho's cover art for Ms Marvel #1-5

Savage Red Sonja:Queen of the Frozen Wastes #3 October 2006
Written by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, cover art by Frank Cho
Regular cover edition, Virgin cover variant, Negative cover art variant

Liberty Meadows: Summer of Love SC (Image) October 2006
Softcover edition of LM vol 3

The Marvel Encyclopedia (Marvel) October 2006
Cover illustration by Frank Cho

The Marvel Encyclopedia: Limited Edition (Marvel) October 2006
Cover illustration by Frank Cho
The deluxe, limited edition of only 1,200 copies produced worldwide, comes in
a presentation slipcase with two exclusive prints signed by cover artist Frank Cho.

Frank Cho: Women SC (Image) October 2006
Softcover edition of Frank Cho: Women

Spectrum 13 (Underwood) October 2006
Softcover and HC editions, includes Frank Cho art.

Shanna, The She-Devil TPB (Marvel) November 2006
by Frank Cho, paperback edition

Savage Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes #4 November 2006
Written by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, cover art by Frank Cho
Regular cover edition, Virgin cover variant, Negative cover art variant

MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVELS 9: SHANNA (Marvel Deuschland) September 2006
German translated edition of Shanna, The She-Devil HC
that collects Shanna 1-7 by Frank Cho

Shanna promotional card (Marvel Deutschland) September 2006
8" 1/2 x 6" 1/4 card distributed by Marvel Deuschland
to promote the German edition of Shanna HC collection

'The Encounter' art print - September 2006
S/N only 50 copies, sold at the 2006 Baltimore Comic-Con,
high-quality print reproduction of the image on the cover
of "Sketches and Scribbles" volume three

Liberty Meadows Brandy Cheerleader T-Shirt - September 2006
sold at the 2006 Baltimore Comic-Con


Red Sonja Cover Showcase (Dynamite Ent) January 2007
Red Sonja's 35th anniversary collection of no-logo reproduction
of cover art, including Frank Cho's.

Frank Cho's Monkey Boy Statue (MindStyle) February 2007
Frank Cho's Monkey Boy statue makes its debut in New York, during the
NYCC, with one regular and two limited edition:
Black and White (limited to 50 copies)
and NYCC edition (limited to 200 copies)

Red Sonja poster (Dynamite Ent.) February 2007
Dynamite Entertainment launches its poster line releasing the 18" by 24"
poster reproducing Frank Cho's wraparound cover art to Red Sonja #13

Daily Bugle (Marvel) February 2007
Mighty Avengers images and interview with Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows: L'Estate Dell'Amore (SaldaPress) February 2007
Italian edition of LM Vol III : Summer of Love, translated in Italian by Andrea Toscani

Ms Marvel: Best of the Best SC (Marvel) March 2007
Softcover edition, cover art by Frank Cho, includes the reproduction of
Frank Cho's cover art for Ms Marvel #1-5

Mighty Avengers #1 (Marvel) March 2007
By Brian Bendis and Frank Cho
Co-written, Cover art and inside art by Frank Cho
also 1:100 variant cover art by L. Yu
also 2nd printing with cover art by Frank Cho

Mighty Avengers promotional poster (Marvel) March 2007
This large size promotional poster, reproducing Frank Cho's cover art to
Mighty Avengers #1, was distributed by Marvel to comic book retailers.

Mighty Avengers #2 (Marvel) April 2007
By Brian Bendis and Frank Cho
Co-written, Cover art and inside art by Frank Cho

Irredeemable Ant-Man #7 (Marvel) April 2007
Cover art based on the cover of Mighty Avengers #1 by Frank Cho

Mighty Avengers #3 (Marvel) May 2007
By Brian Bendis and Frank Cho
Co-written, Cover art and inside art by Frank Cho

Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #1 (Dark Horse) June 2007
Alternate Cover One - art by Frank Cho, colors by Michelle Madsen

Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files #1 (Marvel) June 2007
'Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe' series, includes
4 spot illustration by Frank Cho

Babe & Ape statue (ReelArt Studios) June 2006
8" tall (1/8 scale), in limited edition of 500, selected for inclusion in SPECTRUM 14 Sculpted by Mike Petryszak the statue depicts Cho's humorous
Good Girl Art rendition of beauty and the beast.
Available through ReelArt Studios web site

Dates unknown at this time

The Clarion, Madison Area Technical College student newspaper
Interview by David A. Kulczyk and full color spread

Illustration work for the Washington CityPaper
(Particulars coming)

Wizard #68

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